Chik Ideology


XGNDR, XGND: Chic-Ideology forges Stripper Gender

What’s your Gender my be  the modern version of what’s your sign?  But it also may not be.  Rather Gender freedoms may be the highest triumph of 5000 years of Western Civilization.  It my be what will amount to as our culture overthrowing its Cast system. As if the UNtouchables awoke as Brahmans or Shiks awoke as Buddhists.

Most of us have never pondered this question personally or think much about our gender. But it’s an essential part of us.  Given the endlessly diverse ways people experience their gender, their cultural interpretations, their bodies, and their masculinity or femininity, it’s a wonder there are so few words to describe it.

Particularly when it comes to women. We seem to be able to accept a wide variety of definitions of men, (Examples: rich, handsome, tough, cowboy, metro, cultured, intellect) boys, (ex: bad boys just being boys, cute, mischievious, hard headed, girl crazy…..) gays, (ex: pretty, gymmie, metro, sissy, expressive, creative, manners….), lesbians, (ex: tough, difficult, man haters, men, lipstick lesbians, feminist) and transgender, (ex: brave, courageous, inner strength, extrovert, expressive…) and women: beautiful, hot, fuckable, skinny, fat, good girl, bad girl, 10, ugly, shy, weak….) but women’s true gender descriptions remain a mystery.  But there is a clear social definition- “you don’t want to be known as that girl” or “stop acting like a girl.” What does that mean? If she acts like a man she is a threat and if she is an introvert she is a “girl?” For example if a woman exhibits any type extroversion or agency, self-confidence or boldness, determination or forcefulness, they immediately stop the room. The first reaction is they are condemned. What gave her the rite to be able to behave in such a universally ill manner. She is considered unruly, misbehaved and untrained.  Agency in women is what is behind the myth of the Bad-Girl and the self-destructive Dancer.   Defined by men, for men, taught to women to use against other women.
XGNDR reveals Stripper/Dancer is a gender because the dance is  defining  sexually more than her biology. Moreover sensually extroversion in our culture is a larger social marker that Trumps all.   Hithertofore Sexual Extrovert-ism was social, relationship and moral death to women and  anti-ethical to the natural expression of her femininity. (Extroversion advancing one’s sexual interests in the Society is far more taboo those sexual role reversals common in Gender politics such as gay, trans, or bi).
None of the current discussions mention the one inner persona that thrives or kills most women: Sexual-Agency.  Sexual-Agency is considered the “bad girl,” not a natural part of their femininity, not the male definition of a “good girl.”  Bad Women throughout history have been recognized as two- spirit:  who identified with both sexual and female gender roles and which is consistent with two-spiritedness essentially a third gender recognized in indigenous cultures.

Erotic Intelligence is Sexual agency.
If we are truly embracing a space for women to explore their erotic self through movement teach consent vs. judgment, support vs. fear with that demand or policy it sets up the vibe that we can’t trust our erotic self or possibly the idea of touch in such a sexually charged place could somehow lead to violation and/or danger. This idea continues to perpetuate that we cannot trust our erotic self to be fully present without losing control. Our erotic self is intelligent and deeply aware of energy.
A dancer taking back of a gender to express their sexuality and sensuality the strip-club has risen to a new cultural space in American society and culture the 4th space, the Strip-club.
The modern Strip club did not exist 20 years ago.    Stripping has become something entirely new a new space, a new dance, a new sexuality, which leads popular culture and American Art.

It is the new Fifth social space.  There is the home. work, and the as in the 80’s TV show the Bar, Starbucks says that the Coffee shop is the 4 the space. The Strip club is becoming the 5th space that women can recapture, rediscover their femininity. There are over 1500 pole dancing fitness centers in the USA and more than 60% of traditional gyms offer lessons or fitness classes for those that are more reserved or “over age.”* Both by performing and by participating in the audience.

The use of a strip-clubs and exotic romances develop Femininity challenges traditional and perspectives on sexuality and relationship roles. Dancing unravels the paradigms constrain women and cause their most valuable asset; their femininity to be chained.
This portrayal of assertive femininity is imperative to women’s distinct existence, and may be necessary for the Society at large.
Sounds like a stretch.  But it is not. Sigmund Freud did NOT think that women had penis envy.  He was widely misquoted and misunderstood.  What Freud thought, bluntly, was that women were men. Men without penises.  Moreover, that there modern lingo– no gender distinction. For Freud with women were men without a phallus, and because females were ashamed of their NO-Phallus state they became shy, retreating and introverted.  From this standpoint the widely misunderstood concept of Penis Envy was no so much a wizard and Oz “If I only had a heart” or rather a PART, but rather if I could only be extroverted and pursue my life as a whole woman.

Not-Your-Father’s Strip-club: Sexual-Agency, previously widely repressed by society is the one defining characteristic of independent group: Dancers. This expression of sexual agency in modern pole dance is a the core of new and previously condemned gender/type of women

Strippers are a Gender based upon extroversion, and “agency” self-confidence, (sensuality, sexuality, expression) boldness, determination, forcefulness, vigor, energy, zeal   because they pursue their God-given-gifts to their, at present unknown ends.  Previous generations would have killed them, for what now is known as the natural dimension of femininity or any extroverted female- as witches, deviants or prostitutes.
Excavation of the female sensual soul through gender redefinition. Individualized for the true meaning and understanding of women’s whole spirit.

*Worldwide Pole Dancing Federation
**Rashi,  Erotic Dance Coach + Sexual Liberation Advocate

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